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Youth Programming

Welcome to our new Youth Education program 2024-25!

We are looking forward to starting off the school year at the end of August.

Lots of options to create meaningful learning for your child(ren) and family! Sunday morning core programming and afternoon extras; Wednesday afternoon Hebrew; teen classes; family Shabbat dinners and experiential learning days...we've got something for everyone!



Because fun happens outside Boulder, too!

Our kids love to go on the road, meet peers in other communities, and visit the Jewish world outside Boulder. We’ve got those opportunities covered. Trips are not included in tuition. Additional costs apply. 

In previous years, trips during the school year have included:

  • Middle School Retreat — a weekend of fun and growth in the mountains.

  • Tube and Tub — Head to the mountains with your friends and our youth staff. Spend the day speeding down the slope before soaking and laughing in a hot tub. 

  • Regional Youth Group Trips - Travel to meet teens from our NFTY region.

  • Trip to the Religious Action Center in Washington DC — Our 10th graders speak their minds and values to our representatives in Congress. The confirmation class visits the Capitol to celebrate, learn, apply our Jewish values to current issues, and lobby our Congressional representatives for change. 

  • Social Justice trip — Our high school juniors and seniors visit the South to explore the history of civil rights and why Jews have been on the forefront of civil rights campaigns.

Summer Camp:

Fun, friends, food … outdoors, with cool counselors, and new challenges. Summer camp just might be the highlight of every camper’s year. Choose the camp that’s right for your child.

Israel Trips:

Where better to explore Judaism and learn about yourself and your feelings about your Judaism than Israel? And there are lots of ways to get there:

  • Joyce Zeff Israel Study Tour (IST): a five-week summer trip to Poland and Israel following 11th grade for Denver and Boulder area teens. Students have chances to meet before the trip to learn and meet one another. 

  • Yallah! Israel draws participants from across the Reform movement to learn and connect and offers specialty programs focused on sports,  science, adventure, or community service.

  • Chalutzim Baaretz speak and hear Hebrew to build their language skills during their trip to Israel.  

  • Heller High immerses high school students in the life, culture, history and people of Israel during a semester abroad, all while earning high school credit.

  • And more - just ask us....

What Jewish journey would be complete without Hebrew? 

Because it's easier to learn to read Hebrew when you already know some words, we weave Hebrew into all of our programs organically so kids and families hear, experience and feel comfortable with the language. Hebrew is everywhere in all that we do, a part of the vocabulary and fabric of Jewish life.

Want to learn more or prepare for bet mitzvah? We offer individualized options to build on the foundation created in all of our programs. We pair your child one-on-one with a mentor who helps your child to learn to read Hebrew, chant Torah and Haftarah, and guides them through this part of their Jewish journey.  This process begins in the 5th grade.

The Fine Print 

These guidelines help us protect the well-being, health and safety of all our families:

  • We love all family configurations and backgrounds. When parents are divorced, we send all communications to both parents as long as both have custody rights.

  • For everyone’s safety, we require all children to have received all immunizations required by the state of Colorado. We allow medical exemptions, of course, but the Reform Movement’s unequivocal support for vaccination means we don’t accept religious exemptions. 

  • In case of inclement weather, we’ll let you know by email, Facebook posts and the like.  

  • And we do supervise teen behavior: We expect our teens to treat themselves and one another with respect, kindness and a willingness to include everyone.  No drinking, smoking,  sexual misconduct or other inappropriate behavior.  When someone misbehaves, we talk about t’shuvah (repentance) and work to find a way forward.

Youth Programming Calendar

Sun, July 21 2024 15 Tammuz 5784