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Get Involved

Whether you are a newcomer or founding member, there are many ways to get involved with the community at Har HaShem. Browse through our listing of groups, committees, and volunteer opportunities for a sampling of the diverse activities and people that congregate here. 

Chai Life Group for Singles 65+

The Chai Life Group is for single Jewish older adults (65+) who are looking for cultural programs and opportunities to meet and socialize with others. It is a community collaboration of Congregation Har HaShem, Congregation Bonai Shalom, Congregation Nevei Kodesh, the Boulder JCC, Boulder JFS, and Kavod on the Road.

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The word chavurah comes from the word chaver, meaning friend. A chavurah is a small group of individuals who gather together for a variety of reasons: to socialize, celebrate Jewish holidays, learn more about Judaism, and participate in social action projects.

Most importantly, a chavurah provides an opportunity for you to meet others who share your values and interests. Whether you are single or married, under 36 or over 50, a family with young children or teenagers, we will get you started on the path to building new lasting friendships.

Read our Chavurah Guidebook here.

If you are interested in joining a new chavurah, please click here to fill out our registration form

Neighborhood Groups

Har HaShem in the Neighborhood is an innovative approach to community building. Our goal is to let our neighbors know they are not alone and facilitate opportunities to meet, celebrate, and care for one another in our neighborhoods, as well as at the synagogue. To be Jewish is to be in community. 

Women of Har HaShem

The Women of Har HaShem (WHHS) represents all female members of Har HaShem. We are a diverse group of women, including working professionals, stay-at-home moms, empty-nesters, and the happily retired, ranging in age from our 20s on up. We are single, married, parents, childless, divorced and widowed. Whoever you are, we are looking forward to meeting you!

The mission of the WHHS is to create community among women in the Congregation through educational, spiritual and social activities, holiday celebrations, and service programs. We also support the Congregation through fundraising and volunteer activities.

All female members of HHS are members of Women of Har HaShem. We appreciate an annual contribution of least $36 to support our activities. Donate HERE. 

WHHS Leadership:

Sherry Feinbaum, president
Helaine Eisler, vice president
Cheryl Marty, board member


Friendships are made here! Har HaShem's Temple Brotherhood offers the opportunity to expand one's circle of friends, to get involved in Jewish affairs, and to contribute to our Congregation. 

The Temple Brotherhood is an auxiliary organization. Our primary purpose is to provide social, educational, cultural and spiritual services for the men, as well as for the broader community. While we provide opportunities for men in our congregation to gather together for fellowship, recreation, personal growth and mutual support, we also work to support the mission, services and activities of the Congregation. 

Brotherhood Leadership:

Lew Miller

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyar 5784