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Safety, Respect and Equity

I propose that we learn together how to create a brave space*, how to reconsider our speech, our words, and consider how they land on others. To recognize that we have people who have experienced traumas that you might not know about. To consider that not everyone can be embraced or touched. And to address and respond when someone abuses their power in this sacred community, whether it is the rabbi, a member of the board, a congregant or guest.

-Rabbi Fred Greene as part of his Kol Nidre Sermon
*a term from Lisa Farber Miller of Philanthropy Partners Consulting

Safety, Respect and Equity was first unveiled to the congregation during Rabbi Fred Greene's Kol Nidre sermon (2021). Read the full sermon here. Our covenant and reporting process is here to help us heal, grow, be courageous and brave, and to make our Tent one where we can be our best Selves.

Our Covenant

Reporting and Response

  • Process Matrix
  • Flowchart
  • To begin the confidential process described in the Process Matrix and shown on the Flowchart, click the button below to submit a request to the Boulder Mediation Center. PLEASE indicate on the form you are a member of Congregation Har HaShem.


Additional Resources

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