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Adult Education

Learning enriches Jewish life and grows Jewish identity. The rabbis also teach us that when two people sit together to study Torah, the presence of God rests between them (Pirke Avot 3:3). At Har HaShem, whether you seek more knowledge, a connection to community or spiritual growth, we believe that these opportunities should exist at every age. We offer both formal and informal learning opportunities for our young people and adults.

For information about Adult Jewish Enrichment offerings, contact Katherine Schwartz, RJE, Director of Lifelong Learning at (303) 499-7077 ext. 112 or


Level One: Learn to Read Hebrew for Adults

Get started with the aleph-bet!

Familiarity with Hebrew can be a key to feeling at home in the Jewish community. Learn the shapes and sounds of the Hebrew alphabet, with a warm and supportive educator to guide you and a group of classmates for practicing together. Recognize and understand common Hebrew words and phrases that are often heard in Reform congregations and in Jewish prayer. Perfect for Introduction to Judaism alumni and other adults, this course assumes no prior Hebrew experience.

This course has been developed specifically for online learning, and is taught by experienced educators. Live sessions meet weekly over video conferencing. Participants are given access to online course materials and a link to purchase workbook.



Level Two: Learn Prayer Hebrew
Sundays; 9:30-11:00am.
Led by Stuart Feinhor

Familiarity with Hebrew can be a key to feeling at home in the Jewish community. This course builds on basic reading and prayer introduction from Level I, giving students greater insight and comfort with the prayers in worship services.  Level I is not a pre-requisite as long as you remember or have some of the basic skills.


The Basics

Intro to Judaism
Thursday evenings, October 7 through April 28 at the Boulder JCC and online via Zoom; 6:30-8:30pm

This survey of Judaism course teaches fundamentals of Jewish thought, tradition and practice from a pluralistic and non-denominational perspective. Topics include lifecycle events, rituals, holidays, history, prayer and theology. Interfaith couples, adults considering conversion, and anyone looking to learn more about Jewish life are encouraged to sign up.

For more information, visit, where you can sign up. Or contact Stacey at



Judaism 2.0
Wednesday evenings, 7:00-8:15pm, monthly. Hybrid (mix of in-person and online classes)
10/27, 11/10, 12/15, 1/26, 2/23, 3/30, 4/13, 5/18, 6/8
Led by Rabbi Ruthie Gelfarb and Rabbi Fred Greene

We'll build community (really needed these days) and provide tools for you to comfortably own your Judaism and Jewish choices. This group is for those who have completed and Intro to Judaism course and not yet converted, as well as those who have recently converted.

Session Topics:

Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary:  Making sense and Meaning of the Jewish Prayerbook

  1. Why Pray? Why You pray? Why and How we pray alone? Why and how do we pray in a group?
  2. Gratitude and Verses of Praise- Getting started on the right foot
  3. Torah Service- Radical religious democracy in action
  4. Aleinu and Kaddish- Keeping hope alive
  5. Kabbalat Shabbat - Becoming a Shabbat mystic, a Shabbat bride or just a human being
  6. Shabbat meal or Havdallah with congregants &/or clergy


Is it all About the Mitzvahs?????

7. Mitzvah: A good Deed or a Sacred Obligation?
8. What does it Feel Like and Mean to  Build a Jewish Life- Adding one Mitzvah at a time
9. Wrapping it Up: What we Learned about Mitzvot,  Tefillah, Torah,  Community and Ourselves


Character Development

Tikkun Middot 1.0
Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:15pm, monthly. IN PERSON!
9/22, 10/27, 11/17, 12/15, 1/12, 2/16, 3/9, 4/13, 5/18, 6/8
Led by Rabbi Ruthie Gelfarb and Congregant Jeff Tatelman

In a small supportive group, participants learn about, discuss and develop their middot (soul traits). Our structured curriculum includes a monthly group meeting, meditation, chanting, journaling and paired learning. 

NOTE: Space is limited.  Please email Rabbi Ruthie Gelfarb at before enrolling.



Introduction to Jewish Meditation Workshop
Thursday, September 30; 7:00-8:30pm. IN PERSON!
Led by Rabbi Ruthie Gelfarb and Congregant Alyssa Frank-Martin

Want to learn more about Jewish meditation? Considering signing up for the Awakening the Soul course? This workshop will begin with a presentation exploring and addressing why meditation is helpful, how to meditate, and what is Jewish about meditation. Meditation instruction will be offered and participants will practice different meditations. Participants will leave with resources to take home. This workshop is open to experienced and beginning meditators.



Awakening the Soul: Jewish Meditation Course
Thursdays, 7:00-8:00pm, monthly. MULTI ACCESS (in person and online)
10/28, 11/11, 12/16, 1/27, 2/24, 3/31, 4/14, 5/19, 6/9
Led by Rabbi Ruthie Gelfarb and Congregant Alyssa Frank-Martin

Have you ever asked yourself: How do I meditate? How do I keep up a practice? Why is it so hard for me to sit still for an extended period of time? Why do people always talk about how wonderful it is to meditate? This monthly class will help you connect with others around your meditation practice.  

NOTE: Space is limited.  


Engaging with our Sacred Texts

Torah Study
Saturdays; 9:00am

Looking for a bit of learning, a bit of casual conversation, a chance to build your skills and comfort with traditional texts in English? Join a friendly group of members and volunteers for an exploration of a Jewish story, a portion of Torah, a bit of Talmud, or perhaps a contemporary text. Bring your curiosity. Take a break. Have some fun with our tradition. Torah study is meeting in our tent and also available on Zoom.


Kabbalah Reading Group
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm

The Har HaShem Kabbalah Reading Group focuses on Jewish mysticism generally and as applied in everyday life. We will read the following;


  • Ehyeh, A Kabbalah For Tomorrow by Arthur Green
  • Thirty-Two Gates, into the Heart of Kabbalah & Chassidus by Rav Dovber Pinson
  • The Tree of Life Volume One The Palace of Adam Kadmon by Chayim Vital translation by E. Colle and H. Colle

Ehyeh and Thirty Two Gates both deal with/proceed from basic Kabbalah concepts and are approachable by those with less background. The Tree of Life is a primary Kabbalah text originally written in the 16th century.

Check dates and get the Zoom link on our calendar


Intro to Talmud
First Thursday of every month, starting Nov. 4; 12:30pm

Join Rabbi Greene for our monthly Lunch & Learn exploring the Talmud, Judaism's greatest treasure of rabbinic literature, Jewish values, stories and lessons for our lives.

Adult Education Calendar

Mon, January 17 2022 15 Sh'vat 5782