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Adult Education

Learning enriches Jewish life and grows Jewish identity. The rabbis also teach us that when two people sit together to study Torah, the presence of God rests between them (Pirke Avot 3:3). At Har HaShem, whether you seek more knowledge, a connection to community or spiritual growth, we believe that these opportunities should exist at every age. We offer both formal and informal learning opportunities for our young people and adults.

For information about Adult Jewish Enrichment offerings, contact Katherine Schwartz, RJE, Director of Lifelong Learning at (303) 499-7077 ext. 112 or

Har HaShem Connects

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 12:30pm

We'll gather, share a bit of teaching or inspiration to make a connection, inspire one another and help us return to a place of hope, resilience, love and faith. Feel free to join as often as you wish.

Mondays with Rabbi Fred Greene on Speak Torah to Power: Jewish issues of Justice
Tuesdays with Rabbi Ruthie Gelfarb on Jewish Arts and Spirituality: A Balm for Our Times
Wednesdays with Holli Berman, Cantorial Soloist, on Music and Melody as a Vehicle for Our Prayers

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Bread Baking and Matzah Making

Tuesday, March 16; 12:30pm

Have we learned more in these pandemic baking obsession times than the wisdom of the rabbis of the Talmud?

Calling all bread bakers!  …For a little pre-Pesach (Passover) Talmud study.  What is that you say?  The Talmud is an ancient document and only lists all those details about which grains we can and cannot eat?  Spend some time as part of your Passover preparation digging into the soaking, kneading and baking of bread and how the rabbis got from that discussion to that flat bit of flour and water we eat today during the holiday.  And as a special bonus, we’ll look at what of these pandemic baking creations with which many of us have been experimenting are considered bread. Whether we keep Passover or not, this session will explore what the rabbis might teach us about how we might be intentional about what we put into our bodies and set aside for others to observe the holiday.  No previous Talmud study required!  Teacher: Katherine Schwartz

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Pathways for Families to Thrive and Survive during Covid-19

Monday, April 5; 7:00pm

Parents will be provided with Lifeline strategies to aid families in coping with the impact of COVID19.

Emotions are magnified, anxiety/children's behaviors may be escalated and spirits are dampened as children and parents have tried to adjust to a limited social life during COVID19. Families are feeling sad, isolated, unsure as to when this will end. A lack of social interactions due to online learning and a void that used to be filled with the joy of family events such as birthday parties, visits from grandparents and extended family members, vacations, sports leagues etc. has weighed heavily on family lives.  

 Parents have become short tempered/irritated, fighting with their spouse and impatient with their children during the pandemic. Come change the course to positively impact your family life.

Join me along with other parents and receive an opportunity to enrich and restore balance in your family life by addressing ways in which you can create sacred family time.

  •  Experience that you are not alone in your struggles and receive encouragement along with some ideas to get you through this time. 
    Receive ideas that will help create some special at-home times to enrich your family life while creating meaningful rhythms.
  • If you are not able to make the session, but want to know more, please reach out Rochelle Chayet directly at

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Kabbalah Reading Group

Every other Wednesday, 6:30-8:00pm

This group meets to read and discuss The Zohar and Rabbi Kaplan's book Inner Space. Our discussion will center on Jewish mysticism generally and as applied in every day life. This will be a continuation of the study introduced by Professor Dan Matt during his visit last year. 

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Adult Education Calendar

Mon, May 17 2021 6 Sivan 5781