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What We Grow on Kibbutz Tzofim, OSRUI

07/10/2018 03:00:24 PM


Rabbi Fred Greene and Geoffrey Prass

On any kibbutz in Israel, there are a wide variety of crops and animals, like on many farms. In recent decades, they have even grown beyond agriculture and have created industries and products that support their communities.

At OSRUI, our little kibbutz has a lovely gan (garden), a refet (which is a “dairy,” but at OSRUI, it is our collection of sheep, goats, hens and a very loud rooster)....Read more...

Bridge House and Har HaShem Partner to Address Boulder's Affordable Housing Crisis

07/09/2018 04:30:52 PM


Alan Halpern

Beginning in August, Bridge House and Congregation Har HaShem will partner to provide housing to six successful graduates of Bridge House's award-winning Ready to Work program. Bridge House will rent two houses owned by Har HaShem and managed by Boulder Property Management. The rooms will be sublet to graduates of Ready to Work with full-time, mainstream jobs who will also receive aftercare case management. Bridge House will provide a subsidy...Read more...

From Generation to Generation: Learning Life Lessons at Camp, OSRUI

06/26/2018 03:01:55 PM


Dr. Katherine Schwartz and Rabbi Ari Margolis

Dreaming of possibilities, testing hypotheses, picking ourselves up through adversity, pushing ourselves to grow, making connections, learning Torah, having fun.  

These are experiences we want our young people to acquire.  And what a great environment camp is to learn them! The chanichim (campers) are together with each other 24 hours a day.  They look to their madrichim (counselors) to learn those...Read more...

Wedding Officiation: I Do.

06/23/2017 12:03:43 PM


Rabbi Fred Greene

I write to share some recent reflections relating to a question that I received in every single encounter during my interview process: Will you officiate at a wedding between a Jew and a non-Jew?

At the time, I described feeling like I was standing at a crossroad. In my previous 16 years as a rabbi, I had committed to never reject or condemn couples who chose to intermarry, but I felt unable to officiate where one...Read more...

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