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One to One

02/06/2019 09:33:22 AM


David Bernstein

Anyone of us who has experienced a life challenging event knows how important support has been in helping us through a very difficult time.  As a caring community, Har HaShem strives to assist our members in coming to terms with unforeseen events.  One very important part of the services we offer is the One to One program.

We connect a volunteer who has faced a grave challenge with someone currently experiencing a similar event. Our volunteers have experienced mental, physical, emotional and spiritual challenges themselves as well as within their families and they know how substantial changes come about quickly and have profound impact on our lives.

To date we have assisted members dealing with the loss of a family member, coming to terms with the variety of emotional and financial adjustments resulting from divorce, and caretaking family members with increasing needs, be they a child, parent or spouse.  In each situation the person requesting support has expressed they have benefited from the connection, as they know the volunteer is speaking from having been in a similar position.  Hearing from someone who has managed to move on with their lives is a source of hope in itself and having a connection with a person willing to hear your story and how they can offer the kind of support you desire is what we want to be able to provide.

We hope you will make use of this offer of service.

To learn more call David Bernstein at 303-877-0204.         

Sat, February 24 2024 15 Adar I 5784