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HHS Treasurer to write about money because...why not?

10/16/2019 12:58:04 PM


Jim Edelman


Few of us like to think about finance. Money matters can be intimidating, depressing, and the source of conflict. As a result, many people and organizations try to avoid the whole issue. They can’t. We all evaluate options for big and small financial matters every day. If we do not think them through, we are much more likely to make poor choices, which will make us even more uncomfortable in the future.  

On the other hand, if we start to use sound financial tools to assess our alternatives, we could start having some fun. Maybe we could get into a positive loop, where good decisions make us focus more on the decision-making process, which results in more good decisions. Such bliss!

Starting this week, I will address financial matters that are vital to the success of our Congregation in an occasional column. This year, we will spend about $1.8 million to create meaning in our lives through Jewish practice. Maybe we should talk about that $1.8 million little more. How about I start, and then you share your thoughts with me?   

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Sat, February 24 2024 15 Adar I 5784