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Supporting Najeb and Maryam and their family

Congregation Har HaShem is proud to support Najeb and Maryam and their children and hope you will join us.  

Najeb, who worked as a truck driver and mechanic for the US Army in Afghanistan for 8 years, fled with his family as the Taliban took over Kabul earlier this year. An Army major who worked with Najeb in Afghanistan was instrumental in bringing the family to the United States. Najeb, Maryam, and their boys came to Boulder, Colorado in late November after spending some weeks living on a US military base in Indiana where they were fully vetted by the State Department. We are so excited to have them here with us!  

Boulder’s Congregation Har HaShem (Boulder Jewish Fellowship) is providing a three-bedroom residential home for the family rent free and is paying all utilities.  Even when the family has established an income, Najeb’s job will allow him to pay only a small portion of monthly market rent, which is substantial. Har HaShem congregants and staff have fully furnished the home, creating a safe, comfortable, and welcoming home that Najeb, Maryam and their boys can call their own. 

Najeb and Maryam need to rebuild their lives, cross an enormous cultural divide, and work against a steep learning curve. They are both studying English – Najeb speaks a little and Maryam speaks none. Maryam is expecting a third child in February and is receiving prenatal care. Our volunteers are working with the resettlement agency to help the family apply for government benefits, social security numbers, and work authorizations. Najeb is determined to pursue a path to secure a commercial driver’s license. Still, we expect it will be some months before he is able to earn a living.

Congregation Har HaShem is seeking funds to compensate it for lost rent and payment of utilities so that it can continue this important work.  The congregation is separately seeking funds that will be given directly to the family to meet their needs.

Thank you for your contribution!

Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784