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Small Similar Interest Groups

What's your passion?

Are you a writer? An artist? An adult who makes LEGO creations? Do you love to discuss current events? Want to share your gardening tips with others? You could start a group about any of these topics or a topic that you love...and we haven't thought of. The options are endless!

Har HaShem is starting small, similar interest groups.

If you have an idea for a group and are willing to lead it for an initial period, please let Lisa Webber know.

These groups will be:

  • small, in order to best facilitate conversation
  • congregant led
  • virtual, meeting via Zoom or Google Hangouts (until we can meet in person)

We have some groups that are already up and running. Join one of these or start your own.


Current Groups

Take Me to the Movies - FULL

Watch dramas and indie/ arthouse/ international films and gather with other film-lovers to debrief and discuss.

Meets every other Thursday evening.

Learn Arabic Together- Sign up Here

Do you want to learn conversational Arabic with some of your Har HaShem friends? We will work with an organization called NaTakallam that connects students like us with refugees who are Arabic teachers. Classes are 1 hour and cost $15 per person. We can learn a little Arabic and help someone in need. No previous Arabic knowledge necessary.

Meets Monday mornings.

Cook Book - Sign up Here

Create a group cook book and get a new arsenal of Jewish recipes. Take turns choosing a recipe that everyone in the group will make. Gather together to discuss traditions around the recipe and share results. 

Outdoor Grilling and Smoking - Sign up Here

From meats to vegetables, to rubs and sauces. Exchange recipes  and share experiences on type of grills and smokers. Lew Miller has been an instructor in bbq and grilling for over 30 years and can help you be a master of grilling and smoking in your back yard.

Book Club - Sign up Here

Read and discuss great literature on Jewish topics.

Meets on Sunday afternoons, every other month.

Writer's Workshop - Sign up Here

This is a supportive workshop for writers who would like weekly feedback on their drafts and scribblings. Our primary focus will be on all forms of fiction and creative nonfiction, including memoirs, personal essays, reviews, blogs, travels, novels, dramatic scripts, and poetry. We will read and —constructively!— discuss each other’s work, keep up our writing tempo, and help each other with technical problem solving. 

Meets twice monthly, on Tuesday afternoons.

Still Life Drawing - Sign up Here

Take turns setting up a still life arrangement that all group members will draw. Discuss techniques and different mediums. Share finished drawings.

Golf Lovers - Sign up Here

Share tips and techniques. Discuss courses. Anything and everything golf!

Kabbalah Reading Group - Sign up Here

Read and discuss Zohar and Rabbi Kaplan’s book Inner Space. Our discussion will center on Jewish mysticism generally and as applied in everyday life.

Meets every other Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. 

Ramat HaNegev - Har HaShem Book Club - Sign up Here

Joint book club with our partner community in Ramat HaNegev, Israel. Read books about Israel and be part of an international conversation.

Meets monthly(ish) on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. 

Dayenu Climate Action Circle - Sign up Here

Engage in Dayenu-led climate campaigns and efforts, and grapple with the deep spiritual and existential questions raised by the climate crisis. 

Meets every other Thursday evening.

JTREE Boulder - Sign up Here

We're hoping to plant 5780 trees by Rosh Hashahah. Help us get the word out about planting and maintaining our trees. JTREE is a national program with subgroups around the country.


Sun, February 28 2021 16 Adar 5781