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How to Participate in this Sabbath of Social Distance

03/16/2020 05:05:49 PM



Good afternoon everyone:

Over the weekend, we saw and heard many of you, and more heard Holli and Rabbi Greene. There were 120 connections to Friday's service (probably more than 200 people), 49 connections to Torah study (pretty much a typical turnout), 35 connections to Havdallah (including a number of families - perhaps 70 to 100 in total). Despite being physically separated, we connected with one another and had a pretty normal weekend at Har HaShem. No communal nosh and no hugging, but the same song, discussion, waves and smiles.

This week, we will launch a weekday morning service, as planned, at 7:30am on Wednesday, by Zoom. We thank Jane Zirkin for coordinating, and Bill Gotthelf and Robert Spivak for leading. And we're working on moving gatherings like Community as Family and committee meetings online. We're also looking for new ways to connect that might include a children's story time, book discussions, or a brief daily teaching and discussion. 

We are also reaching out to other local organizations, including Bonai Shalom, Nevei Kodesh, Hillel and the JCC, to coordinate support for our communities. We'll be sharing programming links, information and resources in ways that help us work efficiently and effectively...together.

Overnight, the CDC issued recommendations that all gatherings of 50 or more be canceled from now until mid-May. We're reviewing our calendar now, looking at alternatives, and will release more specific information as soon as we have it. 

  • If you are able to volunteer assistance to others or need some assistance for yourself, please complete this form on our website
  • If you are looking for current information on programs and ways to connect with Har HaShem, check out the links at the top of
    our website homepage.  
  • We are updating our calendar as we confirm cancellations or have alternative information. We're several days from having the entire calendar accurately reflect what is happening.
  • Assume that community gatherings are not happening in person. We're respecting the guidance we're receiving, adopting the behaviors that will keep all of us safe, and acting out of concern and compassion for everyone.

We are all orienting ourselves to this extraordinary time. (Who knew toilet paper could be so precious?) Take a moment. Look outside. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth. Go for a walk. Wave to your neighbors from a safe distance. Pick up the phone and call family or friends. 

May you have a beautiful evening, a peaceful night's sleep and a healthy week. We'll stay in touch.

Rabbi Fred Greene

Alan Halpern
Executive Director

Greg Frost


Fri, April 3 2020 9 Nisan 5780