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Building Plans

08/26/2022 09:37:31 AM


We are excited to share some news! As some of you know, Har HaShem has been thinking for a while about how to bring our facilities up to date. They were built almost sixty years ago and are in great need of improvement. By addressing this need, we could also further our strategic vision of fostering connections and create a more inclusive  home. 

To this end, we have begun conversations to explore the possibility of relocating to a joint campus with Bonai Shalom at the Boulder Jewish Commons on land next to the Boulder JCC. This project could increase the sustainability of both Har HaShem and the broader Boulder Jewish Community for generations to come. 

This is not a  merger with Bonai Shalom. Each synagogue would retain its unique identity and new worship space, while we explore the possibility of shared spaces, such as the entrance, meeting rooms, outdoor areas and parking. The Boards and clergy of both synagogues have agreed to engage in this process with open hearts and minds. Here is a link to the statement to their congregation. 

Melinda Kassen, a Vice President of our Board of Directors, is heading a task force to explore Har HaShem’s options, put together a timeline and create a process for this discussion. She is joined by Marianne Balin, our Immediate Past President, Dan Cohen, a 30-year professional in real estate investment and development, Gil Rudawsky, Board Member and a public relations professional, and Har HaShem e and Executive Director Alan Friedman. Bonai Shalom is represented by Jeff Gan Levy, Gary Jacobs, and Bruce Wildman. The group held its first exploratory meeting on August 19. This meeting was facilitated by JCC Executive Director Jonathan Lev, Susan Rona, a philanthropic consultant and Har HaShem member, and Julie Schaffer, Executive Director of the Oreg Foundation. 

The joint group will be assisted by RB+B, the architects of the Boulder JCC. The firm will aid us in a month-long  process to develop different possible variations of a joint campus. These discussions will start the second week of October. 

Starting next month, RB+B will also work separately with the Har HaShem task force and other Har HaShem members to examine alternatives including upgrading our current buildings or building something new on our existing campus. Our goal is to create the best long-term solution for the physical needs of our community. Bonai Shalom will continue its ongoing process of evaluating a synagogue of its own at the Boulder Jewish Commons. 

As we work through this process we will address at least the following questions:

  • What are the benefits and risks of a joint move?
  • What are the potential synergies and cost savings?
  • What are the costs and benefits for Har HaShem to remain at its current campus and how do they compare to the option of moving jointly to the Commons?
  • If both synagogues want to move forward together, what does the timeline and process look like?

We know that you will have many additional questions. We also anticipate that this exploration will give rise to many emotions, including excitement and inspiration as well as doubt and uncertainty. We are committed to communicating at each step of this process and to addressing your questions and concerns. 

The task force will report to the Board, which will in turn vote on a recommendation to the Congregation in approximately six months. This will be followed by a special meeting of the congregation. All members will have the opportunity to be heard and to vote. 

We will keep you informed as the process moves forward. While our communication strategy is still being formed, it will include at least one town hall meeting to discuss our work with the architects, a dedicated page on our website that will provide updates, information and documents generated during the various conversations, and a number of smaller gatherings. In the meantime, if you wish to express your questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at

Rabbi Greene
Jim Edelman, President of the Board of Trustees

Sat, February 4 2023 13 Sh'vat 5783