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Afghan Family Update

02/14/2022 01:56:38 PM


Lauren Park

Afghan Family Volunteer Training
Wednesday, March 2; 7:00pm
Congregants are invited to a Zoom meeting to learn about volunteering with our Afghan family.  Har HaShem has partnered with Lutheran Family Services (LFS) to resettle the family on our campus and help them acclimate to their new lives in America. This training will focus on: 

  • How Har HaShem became involved;
  • What volunteers are already doing;
  • What help is still needed and how you can participate and get involved;
  • How to become an LFS volunteer and log your volunteer hours;
  • A discussion about Afghan culture and answering all your questions.

Please RSVP that you plan to attend the Volunteer Training at

Other Upcoming Needs for the Family
Donated phones would be helpful. Najeb's phone is from Afghanistan and is not great and Maryam needs a phone so she is not left at home with no way to communicate. If you are getting ready to trade in a phone, please consider donating your old version! Email us at

Just a heads up that in the next 3-6 months, we hope to find a donated vehicle for the family - something that can carry a family of 5. Please keep this in mind if you are planning on buying a new car in the future and might be willing to donate instead of trading in. And of course, if you get a lead on a used car that someone might be willing to donate, please let us know at

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