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Sabbath of Social Distance

03/13/2020 04:33:22 PM



Shabbat Shalom

In this moment, when we seek community and security, we will gather online to share a little light, a little joy, a little Shabbat. May we find hope, health and wholeness especially in this uncertain moment. May we find connection, even when the times call for distance. 

This week, may we find new ways to make space for Shabbat.

Schedule and Instructions for this Shabbat

Evening Services
Friday 6:00pm

Streamed from the Sanctuary
Click this link to begin viewing services a few minutes before 6:00pm
Rabbi Greene and Holli Berman will lead services. Noah Ferraris will lead kiddush.

Access our prayerbook online, purchase a Kindle version for $4.99,
or buy a paper copy.

Torah Study
Saturday, 9:00am

Online in a virtual meeting room
Click this link to join from a computer, smartphone or tablet or call 669 900 6833 and enter meeting ID 512 246 577.
To participate, your computer will need a webcam and microphone, which most newer laptops have. Tablets and smartphones have cameras and microphones. If you call in, you'll be able to hear.

Click here for the full text of the Torah portion.
This is the week of the golden calf, an example of what people do when they're anxious and alone and yearn for leadership and clarity.
Purchase a Kindle version of the Torah commentary.

Learn how to use our virtual meeting room in a minute.

Morning Services
Saturday, 10:15am

Streamed from the sanctuary where family and friends of Noah Ferraris
will be gathered for his Bar Mitzvah. You may join in person or online.
Click this link to begin viewing services.
See the links above to access Mishkan T'filah,our prayerbook.

Share a greeting with Noah and his family.

Saturday, 7:30pm

Havdallah of Transition and Hope
Havdallah marks the transition from sacred to ordinary time. We'll gather online for this short ceremony, share some reflections and prepare for the week to come. Havdallah may have added resonance this week, which also marks the transition from normal life to life with clean hands and closures

Easy home preparations to participate.

Prayers you can print at home or view on a computer or tablet.
Prayers are also on page 610 of the print Mishkan T'filah 
and page 324 of the online copy.
(see links above for an online copy or to purchase)

Make a spice box by mixing some cloves and cinnamon sticks in a mesh bag or small bowl or insert some cloves into an orange. Other options are at kveller, Our Happy Tribe or PJ Llibrary.

Pour yourself a cup of wine or juice.

Join us online about 7:25 or so. Havdallah doesn't last long. You don't want to be late.
Click this link to join from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

We wish you safety and health. Wash your hands. Spread your arms wide and make sure you can't touch the person next to you. And Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Fred Greene
Congregation Har HaShem


Tue, April 16 2024 8 Nisan 5784