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Dedicate a Prayerbook

A Machzor (High Holy Day Prayerbook) or Siddur (Shabbat Prayerbook)

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Har HaShem uses Mishkan HaNefesh for the High Holy Days and Mishkan Tefilah for weekly Shabbat services. These fully-transliterated books offer choices of readings and a contemporary approach to services. If you have questions or would like to see copies, call Har HaShem.

Your contribution to Har HaShem's Prayerbook Fund helps maintain our supply of prayerbooks, allowing those in our congregation to participate fully in our services.

Har HaShem accepts dedications of both books.

  • Mishkan Tefilah (one volume): $50
  • Mishkan Tefilah (one volume, large print): $60
  • Mishkan HaNefesh (two volumes): $75
  • Mishkan HaNefesh (three volumes, large print): $125

Both books are available for purchase from the CCAR or Amazon and are available in print and Kindle versions.

How many copies would you like to donate?

You may donate copies with or without a dedication, anonymously or with your name. 


In memory of
Our parents
by Abraham and Sarah Goldsmith

In honor of
The Bar Mitzvah of our son, Adam
Christopher and Rebecca Smith

In appreciation of our community

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