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Designate Har HaShem as a beneficiary

Among the simplest ways to make a gift, you may designate Har HaShem as a beneficiary or a certain amount, a percentage or the entirety of a retirement plan or life insurance policy.

Retirement plan assets

  • a tax-wise gift
  • easy to contribute through a beneficiary designation (of a percentage or specific amount) documented on a form provided by your plan administrator
  • if you are 70 ½ or older, you can avoid paying the deferred income tax and fulfill your required minimum distribution by donating up to $100,000 annually to qualified charities through the IRA Charitable Rollover

Life insurance

  • can be donated as an outright gift of a new or existing policy by naming the charity as the owner and the beneficiary of the insurance contract (each premium payment is tax deductible as a charitable gift when you itemize)
  • can be gifted through beneficiary designation of a percentage or specific amount on your policy holder’s form
This page is meant as information only and not as legal or tax advice. Contact your legal and financial advisors to determine what makes the most sense for your circumstances.
Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783