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Shabbat Evening Candle Blessing pg. 120 ShabbatEveningCandleBlessing(sung)
Shabbat Evening Candle Blessing (spoken) pg. 120 ShabbatEveningCandleBlessing(spoken)
Shabbat Evening Kiddush pg. 123 ShabbatEveningKiddush
Tallit Blessing (must be memorized) pg.190 TallitBlessing(mustbememorized)
Nisim B’chol Yom pg. 198 NisimB'cholYom
Ashrei (optional) pg. 215 Ashrei(optional)
Chatzi Kaddish pg. 224 ChatziKaddish
Bar’chu pg. 226 Bar’chu
Yotzeir Chatimah pg. 228 YotzeirChatimah
Entire Yotzeir (optional) pg. 228 EntireYotzeir(optional)
Ahavah Rabbah Chatimah pg. 230 AhavahRabbahChatimah
Entire Ahavah Rabbah pg. 230 EntireAhavahRabbah(optional)
Sh’ma pg. 232 Sh’ma
V’ahavta pg. 234 V’ahavta
Mi Chamochah for morning pg. 240 MiChamochahformorning
Adonai S’fatai Tiftach pg. 240 AdonaiS'fataiTiftach
Avot V’imahot pg. 244 AvotV’imahot
G’vurot (winter) pg. 246 G’vurot (winter)
G’vurot (summer) pg. 246 G’vurot (summer)
K’dushah pg. 248 K’dushah
Yism’chu (optional) pg. 250 Yism'chu (optional)
Sh’ma for Torah Service (must be memorized) pg. 366 Sh’maforTorahService(mustbememorized)
Ki Mitziyon (optional) pg. 364 KiMitziyon(mustbememorized)(optional)
Torah Blessing (Aliyah) before the reading pg. 368 Torah Blessing(Aliyah)beforethereading
Torah Blessing (Aliyah) after the reading pg. 368 Torah Blessing(Aliyah)afterthereading
Haftarah Blessing before the reading pg. 372 HaftarahBlessingbeforethereading
Haftarah Blessing after the reading pg. 372 HaftarahBlessingafterthereading
Shehecheyanu (must be memorized) pg. 573 Shehecheyanu(mustbememorized)
Shehecheyanu (traditional melody) pg. 573 Shehecheyanu(traditionalmelody)
Shehecheyanu (camp melody) pg. 573 Shehecheyanu(campmelody)
Aleinu pg. 586 Aleinu
Mourner’s Kaddish pg. 598 MournersKaddish
V’shamru pg. 250 V’shamru
First line of Kiddush (must be memorized) pg. 123 FirstlineofKiddush(mustbememorized)
Hamotzi (must be memorized) pg. 606 Hamotzi(mustbememorized)
Havdallah (traditional melody) (optional) pg. 612 Havdallah(traditionalmelody)
Havdallah (camp melody) (optional) pg. 612 Havdallah(campmelody)
Entire Havdallah (psalms preceeding) pg. 612 EntireHavdallah(psalmspreceeding)(optional)
Birkat Hamazon (optional) pg. 606 BirkatHamazon(optional) 

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