Supporting One Another



Community as Family: Creating a Home at Har HaShem | Harriet Edelstein & Cantorial Soloist Holli Berman

Are you 55 or older, living alone and distant from family? Har HaShem can be extended family to those of you who might need more information, assistance, and emotional support as you age alone.  We meet monthly, providing resources, shared conversation, and community.


Refuat HaNefesh: A Healing of the Spirit – Monthly Spiritual Support Group for Mental Health and Wellness | Rabbi Deborah Ruth Bronstein & Dr. Susan Ollar 

A safe and loving place where people struggling with mental illness and brain disorders, their family, and friends can meet confidentially and openly name how their spiritual life/faith can help with mental health challenges.


One to One: Connecting People around a Shared Experience

Connecting congregants who have experienced a life challenge with those currently undergoing a similar difficulty. Possible shared experiences include caring for aging parents, divorce, suicide, loss of a family member, infertility, etc. If you want to speak with someone who has experienced a life event similar to what you are currently or recently struggling to move beyond, contact David Bernstein at 303-877-0204.

Har HaShem aims to include individuals of any age who may temporarily or permanently move, hear, see, touch, think, learn, communicate, process stimuli, and/or experience emotions differently.